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Cipher Break early gameplay video

So here’s an early gameplay video of Cipher Break. Sorry about the potato quality. You can hopefully see what’s going on though!

The tunnel changes colour to the beat and when you mistype a letter, making the whole world feedback to you. You can also see the bezier tracer fire – it’s textured and animated, but I don’t know how much of that comes through in the video. One thing that needs a big improvement is the big star explosions, they’re a placeholder – and it needs to be toned down a lot!

Cipher Damage an on the rails word em' up

Introducing Cipher Break

Cipher Break is an on-the-rails word ’em up set inside your computer. Taking visual cues from the likes of Tron and Rez. You take on the role of a hacker infiltrating a high tech computer system and attempting to break through their defences and firewalls. You fly through a constantly changing, procedurally generated environment that […]

King Mojo Collective

I’ve joined Sheffield promoter King Mojo Presents, prompting Matt (King Mojo himself) to change the name to The King Mojo Collective. I’ll be taking on the design and web side of the work in the coming months, helping out with designing posters and developing a brand new website that will provide a one stop place […]

Defining a Generation

When I started this project, I wanted to create a documentary focusing on my generation’s thoughts about itself, society and our hopes for the future along side commentary on what defines a generation, and what has defined mine. I first became interested in exploring this area after i started to wonder if my generation had […]